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Eyevert PAX360 provides a wide variety of important information that will keep passengers informed, up to date and even entertained while they travel.

Passenger engagement is what we do


Daily on Sydney, Australia Buses

Bus copy
685,000 average daily passenger boardings
150,000 passengers unhappy with service delay information
Stop Lights
116,000 passengers unhappy with next stop information

Eyevert PAX360 connects onboard large screens, personal devices and live interactive information to deliver your message to passengers. Onboard displays become your own live broadcast network to provide next stop, unexpected delays and emergency information that caters to everyone, including people wth impairments and multi lingual needs.

PAX360 is one of the worlds only unskippable – unmissable advertising mediums. Passengers are drawn regularly to the onboard displays with accurate meaningful service information.

PAX360 is a fully managed turnkey solution on a subscription basis. Eyevert manage, upload, program, schedule and change all content, geo-triggers, engagement and live tracking links. Eyevert provides advertising sales support for highly lucrative additional revenue.

better informed and engaged passengers are likely to return more often and refer more frequently

Eyevert has unique and easy to use technology that will improve the experience of all those using travel services and thanks to our advanced technology we provide an almost instant upload of all new content to an entire fleet of vehicles or special broadcast to a single vehicle.

Dynamic content programming

Remote online content programming. No USB file transfer to each display required. Allows information to be never out of date, even if a vehicle changes routes.

TRAVEL INformation

Up to date, route and virtual tour guide information. For example, next stop, service delays and point of interest information. Specific locations geo-trigger information to be displayed.

customer satisfaction

Keep passengers entertained and engaged. Improve customer satisfaction through customer feedback surveys, interactive advertising and live bus tracking.


Push information to your passengers through your own live broadcasting channel.

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