No matter what hardware you have, we believe it is always best to start with the basics

  • Have you tried turning the power off and on?
  • Do you have a stable internet connection?
  • Is there any visual damage to your hardware?
  • Is the power still connected?
  • Have you paid your bill?
  • Can you see a message that says “no campaign available”? This is a software or internet connection issue.

if you are still experiencing problems then log a job with us, using the form below and PROVIDE as much detail as possible

Example: 1ABC 123 or Bus 23
Please describe your issue or question. Be brief but detailed.
Upload an image or video to support your enquiry.

your eyevert team is located on the west coast of Australia GMT +8.

We understand that technology will have faults from time to time, our focus is keeping you online as often as possible.

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